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Aging is a natural process of life and in this modern times, there’s a lot of factors contributing to fast aging. A sedentary lifestyle, processed food, stress, and lack of sleep contribute to this. But there are ways to make our skin youthful naturally by some natural practices that don’t depend solely on youthful creams and serums available at the stores. The following practices have been proven by science to effectively slow down the process of aging.


This is the base and the foundation of healthy skin and body. Whole and unprocessed foods are rich in nutrients especially found in colored vegetables such as tomatoes, paprika, eggplants, and green, leafy vegetables. Avoid foods that are highly processed such as frozen products like hams, bacon, and sausages. You can make these at home by controlling what seasonings you add. Foods full of saturated fats are also bad because it stores bad cholesterols in your body. Sweets and processed sugars sometimes cannot be avoided in some occasions but must be avoided if possible because it accelerates aging. It can affect your body composition and mess with your skin by the wrinkles that form from consuming processed sugar.

Luckily there are some foods that contribute to youthful skin. These are avocadoes, beans, all kinds of nuts, dark chocolate, green tea, yogurt, etc. When consumed abundantly, it does wonders on your skin and overall health. Another popular drink in Japan that is proven to contribute to healthy skin and body is the Amazake which is a white non-alcoholic sweet drink made from fermented rice. It is packed with nutrients like vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, and dietary fiber, which is also good for the digestive system.


Moving your body does wonder to your body. It can use your muscles thus making you active and youthful than having no exercises at all. Walk, jog or cycle and it can make you think sharply as well and keep you focused through the day.


Adequate sleeping hours repairs old skin cells and collagen and it works as a battery charger to the human body. When the body is fully rested, it can function well and it shows on your skin and thinking capacities as well.


Determine your skin type and apply the right products to your skin. It is recommended to use pH-balanced toner and moisturizer that can replace the lost moisture in your skin as you age. Remove make-up before going to sleep by washing face with a mild ph balanced cleanser. Pat dry face with a towel gently and apply toner and moisturizer. Avoid unnecessary touching of the face as well. Before going out, apply sunscreen on your face even if you are indoors. This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Skincare products should not be necessarily expensive as promised by TV commercials. Organic and natural is the way to go. There are cheaper alternatives to apply on your face like avocado, honey, green tea, and egg white to slather on your face that definitely give vibrant results. A lot of information on how to make natural face creams are also available online.


Immersing your body in hot water temperature, opens up the pores and thoroughly cleanses the skin. It can also relax the mind and a hot bath is one way to detox and de-stress your body after a long day. Recommended additives to the hot bath are lemon or orange peels which are full of Vitamin C that will surely nourish the skin.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t work overnight but in the long term, it surely pays off. Not only it slows down aging but it will keep you active in the coming years and avoid the financial burden caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

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