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Sibugay Mountain Resort – Enjoying the Bounties of Nature


Somewhere in the mountainous part of Albuera, Leyte, Philippines lies a picturesque resort called Sibugay Mountain Resort. It is a famous attraction in Leyte. At first glance the images found on Google, it’s not really appealing and lacks some facilities to be called a resort. But during my actual visit last summer, the place just took my breath away.

Heading to the Resort

The resort’s outdoor decorations are rustic, giving that Southeast Asian vibes.

The road leading to the resort is concrete, however, be careful of humps because they looked invisible from afar. Road markings are somewhat lacking but signages towards the resort are adequate. The surrounding views are spectacular, which reminds you of every Southeast Asian country’s rural views. Green rice fields and palm trees everywhere make our trip more memorable.

Checking the resort’s facilities and fees

The freshwater pool of Sibugay Mountain Resort.

Upon entrance, I was amazed by the views of the freshwater pools and cottages. The surrounding mountains add a dramatic backdrop to the tropical place which gives a Pacific Island vibe. Flowering trees are everywhere and gardens are well taken care of.

It was Monday and supposedly, the resort was closed for their general cleaning. But there were visitors who, just like us had no idea that it was their closing day. So the management considered us to go inside and spend our day swimming and relaxing.

Cottages at the resort.

Entrance fees are very affordable and discounts are given to students and senior citizens. Cottages are reasonably-priced and we pick the biggest one under the shade of the tree. Interestingly, there is a nearby bar that overlooks the pool and they serve coffee and alcohol but it was closed at that time.

The kid’s pool has a water slider for them to enjoy.

The pool’s water was cool and overflowing because it is derived from the nearby Soob River. There were two kinds of pool, one for kids and one for adults. But the adult pool is somewhat deep especially for non-swimmers so it’s better to exercise caution. The kid’s pool was too shallow for elementary school children but nevertheless, it is safe.

Soob River

Hanging Bridge above Soob River.

We went our way to the river and it was absolutely clean, and you can see the tiny sea creatures inside. We truly enjoyed our time on the river because places like these are hard to go these days.

We also check out the newly-repaired hanging bridge that leads to the VIP accommodation. It was fun.

Overall, the resort is a relaxing spot for most people young and old, and indeed a hidden gem in the province of Leyte.

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