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When spring comes in Japan, we only have one flower in mind to watch out for: cherry blossoms or sakura. Did you know that the country is a plethora of flowers, especially during springtime? It ranges from flowering trees to vast flower fields that stretch through the horizon. And one of the best flowers to watch out for is canola/ rapeseed flowers or nano hana in Japanese. Also read: https://www.tanboblog.org/what-you-need-to-know-about-japans-cherry-blossoms-season/ WHAT ARE CANOLA FLOWERS? Image by Yves from Pixabay Canola or Rapeseed flowers are bright yellow members of the mustard family, harvested mainly for their oil-rich seed which is edible and contains erucic acid. In Japan, it is consumed as a side dish either boiled or sauteed. Canola oil is the third-largest source of…

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