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Did you know that curry is not just popular in India and other South Asian countries? It is also popular in Japan. It is fast and cheap and mostly enjoyed by most people young and old. You can find this delicious staple in supermarket bento corners, convenience stores, curry shops, road stations (michi no eki), and family restaurants. It is also popular as a home-cooked meal. DIFFERENT THAN INDIAN CURRY In fact, the Japanese version is sweeter and the consistency of the sauce is thicker compared to its Indian counterpart. The base of most home-cooked curry is a roux and not curry powder which can be purchased at supermarkets. This recipe version from the book of Sarah Marx Feldner "A…


Modern times have changed and the way we live in the present times gives us a very hectic day-to-day schedule. It leaves little time for household chores and preparing food at home. The global food industry is a multi-dollar business with lots of services to choose from, from dining to take-out, drive-thru, and food deliveries in an instant. Surely these methods are very quick and convenient because you don't have the burden to cook food and clean the kitchen for a longer period of time. Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash But did you know that cooking at home has a lot of benefits than you think? Economically, yes it saves you money but on the healthy side, it will prevent you…

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