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Every year in August, approximately a million sunflowers bloom across the vast fields in Japan. The sunflower signals the arrival of summer. Luckily, I can easily view sunflower fields here in Mashiko, a 2-hour car drive from Tokyo. It attracts hundreds of visitors every year making it one of the largest sunflower gardens in Japan. PAST EVENTS As a resident of Mashiko, I'm always looking forward to visiting this sunflower field every year. In the landlocked prefecture of Tochigi where Mashiko is located, it lacks access to Japan's beaches. Instead of having that tropical beach vibe in summer, I want to explore more sunflower gardens and experience fireworks festivals. The past sunflower festivals were not really a crowd drawer. Most…


June is finally here and it's officially summer in Japan! Did you know that there are a lot of traditional activities here which you can’t find anywhere in the world? Yes and interestingly if it’s your first time or still planning to visit, you will be amazed by the richness of Japanese culture.  So here are 6 popular Japanese traditional activities that you enjoy whether you live in the countryside or in the metropolis. 1. Marvel at the fireworks display Image by Tuan Hung Nguyen from Pixabay Japan's cities and towns host an annual fireworks festival in summer, around the month of July to August. This spectacular event is much-awaited by both locals and foreign tourists. The night skies become…

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