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February is coming to an end and the unusually cold weather this month has brought misery to most people. The cold winds from the north were icy cold, making temperatures drop to sub-zero every morning and night. A large amount of snowfall especially in North Western Japan may be good for ski resorts but for ordinary day-to-day living, it could be very challenging. To cope with such cold temperatures, I share with you a winter recipe perfect for keeping the body warm and making the immune system strong. This recipe is called cream stew which is a popular Japanese dish served at home or in cafes. This dish originates from the West and is considered a "yoshoku" with a Japanese…


Every country has its own winter food to enjoy, specially cooked to warm our bodies. In Japan, one of the most popular food to enjoy is "nabe". Actually, it's a wide variety of dishes known as nabemono. Nabe means pot and mono means things or stuff. It is an arrangement of different kinds of meat, assorted vegetables, and different kinds of broth. It includes popular dishes such as oden, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, yudofu and etc. THE MOST BASIC KIND OF NABE I will introduce you to "Yosenabe", the most basic kind of nabe you can try at home. It is easy to prepare and a great party food. Basically, there are no rules when making yosenabe. The main ingredients are…

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