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Things to do in michi no eki Motegi   Michi no eki Motegi is not just a simple farmers market and road station. This place is like an attraction for both locals and visitors. This road station is conveniently located before the main town of Motegi and it is also the pathway of the famous Steam Locomotive of Moka railway. Not only a place for shopping for vegetables and dining but it has an entertainment area with an interesting stage and a children's park. Many events were held in this place before the pandemic such as concerts, fireworks display, and musicals. A simple stroll, picnic, and eating out is recommended here, and last but not the least, taking pictures of…


Michi no eki Mashiko Japan has a lot of roadside stations in rural areas. The purpose of this is to provide resting areas for motorists traveling long distances for a quick rest and break. But what makes this a special place to visit especially for foreigners is that you got to know the local town`s products, specialties and produce. Local farmers sell their pieces of stuff in michi no eki and some of the merchandise are organic and handmade which you cannot find in big business establishments in the city. Things to do and recommendations Michi no eki Mashiko was built last October 2106 along the road between the town of Mashiko and Moka. The building itself is eco-friendly and…

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