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Every country in the world has its own customs and traditions. But unlike in the West, Japan has its own traditions to follow in a more peaceful and calm way. We always associate New Year's Eve celebrations with fireworks and revelry. However, in Japan, families gather to celebrate the new year by cooking, eating, playing games, and praying. Read on to discover these New Year customs and traditions. DEEP CLEANING A few days before New Year's Day, most people deep cleaned their houses and even cars. In Japanese culture, it is believed that the New Year must begin with a clean slate to bring good luck into their homes. So it is the time to do major decluttering, whether your…


As days become colder each week, we are drawing near winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Autumn leaves in some parts of Japan have completely shed off and we're entering winter within a few weeks. The Japanese winter season may be a little bit different in some parts of the world as the country has different levels of coldness. But instead of curling yourself inside the blanket, why not go out and explore what Japan has to offer. SEE WINTER ILLUMINATIONS One of the best attractions in Japan is seeing winter illuminations. It's not only limited to the Christmas season but it started in the middle of the autumn season when nights are longer than days. At dusk, the lights lit…

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