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Fountain at Grimm no Mori. Japan's countryside is not just ricefields and shrines but there are lots of surprises to be discovered. You can find European-inspired parks and museums. These attractions have interesting history affiliated with some places in Europe. And that's the reason why they are created. I had a chance to discover a hidden fairy tale park when I searched for "winter illuminations near me". And that beautiful park is called Grimm no Mori (Grimm Forest). A quick history of Grimm no Mori Figure museum depicting the fairy tales from Grimm brothers. Located in Shimotsuke City, the park has an interesting history. During the Showa era, Ishibashi-cho in Shimono City became a sister city with the village of…


道の駅 茂木でSLを見る 道の駅でSLを身近で見ることの出来る道の駅茂木の裏側で体験 この時は茂木発下館行のSL(C12形66号)を体験し、十分満足出来ました。 THINGS TO DO Michi no eki Motegi is a famous road station here in Tochigi prefecture due to the town's famous Twin Ring Motegi circuit which held national and international racing competitions. So this place is a stopover for everyone who travels via road to the famous circuit or any other itineraries nearby. It's not just a simple road station but there are lots of things to do here especially for everyone like eating, musical events, picnics, strolling, playing, and watching the steam locomotive passing by. This place has an array of shops, outdoor food stalls, playgrounds, lawn for picnics, and an old American house that serves as a museum as well. It is called Old…

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