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Japan tops the list of must-visit countries to visit after the pandemic. And surely one of the best things to do when visiting is try the country's local food. But for those of you who don't have any idea which Japanese food to try, read on to get some knowledge of Japan's delicious foods. These foods are easily found everywhere in Japan. Prices vary depending on location but it is still very pocket-friendly to the budget traveler. For more ideas on where to eat in Japan, check out my previous article here: https://www.tanboblog.org/top-restaurant-chains-in-japan-offering-japanese-food/ Sushi Undeniably Japan's popular food is sushi. The classic nigiri sushi is well-loved by most people. Simple yet flavorful, the sushi rice is topped with different toppings such…


Planning to visit Japan in the future when travel restrictions ease up? Definitely, you’ll never get hungry visiting this country known for great food and hospitality. While traveling, you may have a hard time deciding which food to eat and which restaurants to visit. No worries because below are restaurant chains that offer quick and delicious authentic Japanese food that are convenient and budget-friendly making it an unforgettable food travel experience. CONVEYOR BELT SUSHI Pepper at the entrance door. Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash HAMASUSHI With about 486 locations, Hamazushi has the top number of restaurants in the country. There are several types of sushi on the menu and many variations come with the addition of mayonnaise, sauces, and wasabi. Most of…

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