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10 FOOD TRENDS IN 2022: Which one would you pick?


Have you ever heard about food trends every year? I bet every foodie wants to learn about this topic. The pandemic brought so much change in the food industry and lifestyle, encouraging everyone to embrace the new normal.

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What is really the new normal when it comes to food? According to food experts, it is about healthy eating and sustainability. There was an increase in vegetable intake during the start of the pandemic, hoping to raise the immunity level of each person and fight off the virus. And sustainability in a way to reduce unnecessary food packaging and waste. This is a great trend to follow this 2022! Read on to learn more about the food trends this year.

Veggie Meals

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More and more people include vegetables in their diet to fight off transmissible diseases. This is an excellent way to get nutrients than depending on food supplements. According to news articles, most people ordered take-outs that include mostly vegetables during the pandemic.

You can make your own vegetable meals from scratch at home. I personally suggest this recipe because it’s loaded with phytochemicals and nutrients.  https://www.tanboblog.org/prevent-common-diseases-with-an-easy-to-make-customized-vegetable-soup/ 

Small Space Gardening

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No spacious garden lots at home? No problem! You can make your own mini garden indoors or at the walls of your narrow verandas. With proper knowledge, you can grow your own organic herbs and vegetables. This can save you a lot of money as well. More urban dwellers opt for this method of gardening because it gives them a relaxed atmosphere at home and a new hobby.


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Moringa became a household name during the start of the pandemic. A power food loaded with nutrients to fight malnutrition, it is mostly found in warm countries such as the Indian subcontinent and in the Philippines. It is mostly added to soups or even bakery products. Lately, it became a hit as it is now produced as a health beverage, health capsules, and even added to skincare products.

Homemade Bread

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More people choose to bake their own loaves of bread at home because they can choose which ingredients to use. Gluten-free baked products are gaining popularity, and this is a wonderful option for people who have allergies or simply reducing white flour consumption.


Miso is a nutrition-rich soybean fermented food. It is a common and essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is now being recognized globally as a healthy seasoning. The highly popular miso soup is patronized by most people but now miso can be added to any kind of dish with its distinctive taste and scent.

Borderless cuisine

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Everybody loves to try international dishes without actually traveling across the borders. Thanks to immigration and the internet, borderless cuisine is easily accessible especially in big cities where ex-pats and foreign communities are living. Here in Japan, I have the opportunity to try Indian, Brazilian, and Mexican foods just a few minutes away. Trying these cuisines is a wonderful experience to learn another culture.


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Gone are the days where drinking an alcoholic beverage is cool but with the popularity of mocktails, everybody can have fun in a safer and healthier way. Mocktail recipes are everywhere online and if you want to show your creativity, you can create your very own refreshing mocktails. One ingredient that was popular in 2021 was matcha and it was a huge hit.


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Yuzu is a citrus fruit commonly cultivated in East Asia. The distinctive scent of this fruit differs from lemon, making it a popular ingredient in other food and beverage products. Aside from yuzu purees and jams, new products such as yuzu salt and alcoholic drinks are also produced. Traditionally, yuzu is added to ofuro (hot bath) to fight off colds and to retain the skin’s lost moisture.


Image by cgdsro from Pixabay

A common spice and medicinal herb in India, turmeric became popular globally and is believed to have health benefits and anti-oxidants. The yellow color is commonly used in curry powders giving most plain dishes an exotic twist. Some of the trendy turmeric products come in health supplements and teas. Or you can try the mood-boosting latest turmeric latte.


Photo by Tea Creative │ Soo Chung on Unsplash

The beauty of the hibiscus flower is now a popular ingredient for teas, beverages, and even beauty products. Hibiscus tea which was trending since the start of the pandemic is believed to have vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the immune system. The beverage is preferred especially during the cold, winter months to prevent cold and flu. In countries with winter season, hibiscus can only be obtained in the form of tea bags and powders since it only grows in warm, tropical regions of the world.

And the list of food trends may change over time but I think eating healthy should be done in the coming years for longevity and happiness for every individual.





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