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88 Cafe Ormoc City – Coffee Time in the Mountains

Product and Service reviews

If you are like me who loves cafes and coffee, you definitely agree with my choice when it comes to cafe hopping. This time, when I visited Ormoc City, my family recommended the hippest cafe in town. And it’s not just some trendy Korean-like cafe in the city but this is somewhat different. Situated in the highlands of barangay Milagro in Ormoc City, I fell in love with the place immediately. And what’s even more exciting? They really look gorgeous and glossy on Instagram and it’s dubbed one of Ormoc’s Instagrammable cafes!

The location

I can never say no to 88 Cafe’s location – surrounded by lush trees and ornamental plants. The climate is excellent, although still warm but without the humidity. The individual cottages are adorned with elegant white curtains perched on the slope leading to the top of the hill where coffee and food are prepared.

There are also tables and chairs on the side of the cottages without shelter but the nearby trees shield the guests from sunlight. Overall, the ambiance is very outdoorsy, ideal for those who love the outdoors and nature.

The food and beverages

88 Cafe’s Iced beverage.

Apologies for not having a picture of their menu! My phone had insufficient battery life at that time and since we were hungry, we immediately ate the pasta Carbonara that we ordered with my sister. And I was thankful to find an electrical outlet for phone charging. The food is great as well as their coffee. And since it was a hot day, we ordered the cold ones.

For the kids, I ordered iced choco for them and they too enjoyed the drinks and surroundings. Cakes are suitable for children as well.

The prices might be expensive for some but for me, it is reasonable and mid-range, because of the staff’s wonderful service and beautiful ambiance.

Accessibility and nearby attractions

It is highly recommended to use a private car when going to 88 Cafe for convenience. Public vehicles such as multi-cabs are only available for a certain period of time. The road leading to the cafe has nearby attractions such as Mico’s Eco Park and Miracle View. You can truly enjoy these places as they are nearby and road signage is visible.

Another popular restaurant nearby is Highlands BBQ House. These places are known for their excellent natural views.

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