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Afternoon Tea or High tea is gaining popularity throughout the world, especially in hotels. What seems to be an ordinary snack time for some people, was once a grand and fashionable social event in the past. Afternoon tea is characterized by sweets and pastries neatly arranged in a three-tiered food tray paired with a pot of hot herbal tea. In some hotels and restaurants, they offered a free welcome drink as a form of service to the guests. The rates are not cheap- usually reasonably priced because of the wide array of pastries and the kinds of tea to be served. Plus the posh venue of the afternoon tea itself makes it a more memorable and relaxing experience.

French pastries are neatly arranged together.


Afternoon tea was introduced in England in 1840. The Duchess of Bedford named Anna would become hungry during the afternoon because supper was served late in her household, leaving a long period gap between lunch and dinner. The Duchess requested a tea with biscuit and sandwich and this became a daily habit of hers. She then invited her friends to join her tea time in her room.

The practice became a popular social event among the fashionable society where upper-class women began to wear long gowns and sipping tea and nibbling sandwiches. The afternoon tea is held in drawing rooms between four to five o’clock.


Non-alcohol welcome drink

Villas Des Mariages is a French-inspired wedding venue in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan. The place resembles a Southern French town with its Mediterranean architecture, landscaped gardens, and cozy patios. They not only hold weddings but ala-carte lunch, dinner and afternoon tea as well. The pastries are a set of 10 different kinds of French sweets paired with a choice of 6 different kinds of herbal teas. The teas are unlimited so you are free to order another kind of tea as soon as you consumed the first pot. Service is top class, with the staff accompanies you from the entrance of the posh restaurant, until you finished your tea time. He also explains the afternoon tea menu in detail.


The rate is very reasonable at Y3,300 per person. It comes with a non-alcoholic welcome drink. Plus, you got a chance to explore the mini-French town itself, which is for me, an oasis to relax and unwind from the busy routines of daily life. For more of this experience, take a look at the video below.



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