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Quick daytrip to Kasama City


It’s the beginning of a long sweltering summer in Japan but people still find ways to get outside of their houses and explore what Japan has to offer.

Kasama Inari Shrine

So we decided to head off to Kasama City in Ibaraki Prefecture. We discovered that this city has a lot of things to offer for every tourist. From historical museums to shopping malls and cafes, it’s definitely a must-visit destination for a quick getaway.


Kasama is a small city next to the place where we live in Tochigi. The city has numerous amazing local attractions and events to enjoy. It includes Kasama Castle, Kasama Inari Shrine, Kasama Nichido Museum of Art, Kasama-yaki (pottery) and Kasamatsutsuji Park to name a few.

Most popular events in Kasama include the pottery fair during spring and the chrysanthemum festival at Kasama Inari Jinja during autumn. Most of these events and attractions are cultural and are suitable for foreign tourists. Whatever budget you have, you’ll get interesting experiences you will never forget.

Kasama Inari Jinja

One of the famous cultural spots to visit in this city is the Kasama Inari Shrine (Jinja). Situated in a busy narrow street, it is frequently visited by tourists and pilgrims alike. This Shinto shrine is one of the largest Inari Okami shrines in Japan. Founded in 651, it indicates a history extending some thirteen centuries! The shrine’s structure shows an intricate work of art making it an important subject for cultural photographers.

At the entrance of the shrine, there’s a huge red torii gate leading to the spacious grounds. Both sides are lined with souvenir shops with interesting cultural items and food. When you walk further to the jinja, you will find a red wall exhibiting different kinds of photos for the contest.

During fall, the shrine holds an annual chrysanthemum festival displaying beautiful blooms that attract a large crowd. The overall ambiance of the jinja is lively and festive, making it one of the must-visit events during autumn.

Izutsuya History Museum (かさま歴史交流館 井筒屋)

After we visited the Kasama Inari shrine, we strolled the narrow street in front of it that is pretty and crowded especially during the festival. As we approached the end of the street from the left side of the shrine, we found a traditional three-story wooden building and we learned that it’s a history museum. It is free to go inside so we give it a try.


The building seemed new but we just learned that it was renovated from an ancient structure called “Old Izu-tsuya Main House” built in the middle of the Meiji Era. There were some displays of sunflowers and red parasols at the entrance. When we went outside, we leave our footwear and discovered ancient things related to the past on the second floor.

If you happen to be hungry when you visit this place, the museum has a cafe serving local confectioneries, coffee, teas, and fruit juices. They are open from 10:00AM to 3:00PM.

After our historical walking tours, we cool off at the nearby shopping malls and headed back home feeling refreshed. In the midst of a busy schedule, it’s always important to recharge and change some routine. You will never know the benefits of a quick day trip until you experience it.



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