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SALS Pineapple Plantation in Ormoc City


My first destination to visit in Ormoc City in The Philippines during my vacation was SALS Pineapple Plantation. I was really looking forward to this place because of the beautiful images that I saw on social media. The place has greatly changed from the past, and many people can easily access this farm. I still remember the time when this farm was greatly remote and isolated because of dirt roads and poor infrastructure. Fast forward to the present, the roads leading to this plantation are concreted and spacious, and it has become a tourist area frequently visited by people from other regions and countries.

SALS Queen Pineapple

The queen pineapples, known for their distinctive sweet taste are different from the rest of the country. They have a golden yellow appearance and are ideal for making fruit shakes and juices. They were once famous in Sabin Resort Hotel and other restaurants but now they can be bought easily at the city’s public market and fruit stalls.

Things to do at the plantation

At the food booth.

And you may think, what are some of the things to do in this place?

  • Take Instagrammable Pictures – The vast hectares of Sal’s plantation give a breathtaking view of the surroundings and the nearby Mt. Magsanga in Merida, Leyte. This is the chance to capture such beautiful pictures or wait for the sunset to add a dramatic backdrop to the plantation. The huge pineapple structures at the entrance are also great for pictorials.
  • Taste the fresh queen pineapples or buy the coconut pie at the food booth- Watching the views while eating is a perfect combo
  • You can have a mini picnic at some designated areas but always be a responsible tourist, never to leave trash everywhere.

More information

The road to SALS Plantation is highly accessible.

SALS Pineapple plantation can be easily accessed by private or public vehicles. Entrance is absolutely free and you can safely park at the roadside.

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