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Before the pandemic, I had the chance to explore Kuala Lumpur out of curiosity. This was my first international travel aside from the Philippines and Japan where I reside now. As a Philippine passport holder, Kuala Lumpur is visa-free for 30 days and easy to enter without a lot of requirements. Wanted to explore this city with limited time and budget?  Do your own walking tour without a tourist guide. With the help of the internet and online maps, you can navigate through the metropolis and if you're a first-timer, it is normal to get lost. Things don't go as planned but Spontaneous is the best teacher. We got to know ourselves and our own problem-solving skills and this makes…


Mt. Fuji is referred to as the icon and symbol of Japan. If you plan to travel to Japan, make Mt. Fuji as one of your primary itineraries. For me,  I love travelling when time and finances allow and I am a believer in creating special moments and experiences to attain happiness in life. When I was living in Yokohama for a year, I thought visiting Mt.Fuji is a great chance because I am based originally in Tochigi prefecture which is about 2 and a half car drive from Tokyo. It means distance is nearer and travel is more affordable. HEADING TO MT. FUJI I am traveling with my family by car from Yokohama going through Gotemba City in Shizouka…

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