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Mt. Fuji is referred to as the icon and symbol of Japan. If you plan to travel to Japan, make Mt. Fuji as one of your primary itineraries. For me,  I love travelling when time and finances allow and I am a believer in creating special moments and experiences to attain happiness in life.
When I was living in Yokohama for a year, I thought visiting Mt.Fuji is a great chance because I am based originally in Tochigi prefecture which is about 2 and a half car drive from Tokyo. It means distance is nearer and travel is more affordable.


Heading to Mt.Fuji

I am traveling with my family by car from Yokohama going through Gotemba City in Shizouka prefecture. Traveling with three kids is fun but as a mom, I need to look after them as well. They are little kids with endless energies! It was a typical autumn day which means the air is crisp and nights are longer than days. It would have been great if we traveled during spring as days are longer and I can see Mt.Fuji well during the evenings. But the highest mountain in Japan is still beautiful in all 4 seasons. This time, we just want to experience what it’s like to be near the slope and not necessarily near the crater. It was enough for me and my family to experience the beautiful surroundings of Mt. Fuji.


Me and my youngest daughter.

As we approached the slope towards the mountain, it was entering Winter Wonderland as there was snow up to the observation station three. We were not allowed to go up higher because it is closed for viewing. But still, arriving at this place is breathtaking and relaxing as it offers picturesque views of Lake Yamanaka and the remaining lakes that surround the volcano. The place was filled with international and domestic tourists who arrived by bus. But we couldn’t see the summit of Mt. Fuji at this point because umbrella-shaped clouds cover the area. The branches of the trees above makes it difficult to see as well.

View from Station 3.

We did not pay a lot of money just to experience and see the place unlike if we go to an amusement park. We just paid a little like a toll fee/entrance up to the viewing station. We didn’t stay long on the station and we started to descend through the picturesque Lake Yamanaka which is one of the five lakes surrounding Mt.Fuji and is famous for ice fishing during winter. Located nearby the lake are hotels and trendy restaurants. Rowing boats are available on the lake as well.

Lake Yamanaka

We returned back to Yokohama passing through the famous Hakone town known for its onsen and delicious delicacies. A trip is not complete without purchasing a souvenir in the road station known as michi no eki. We returned home happy and refreshed. Indeed traveling to a new place is like reading a new page in a book.

Mt.Fuji up close at dusk

Going back home. Taken during our descend towards Hakone town at dusk.


Here is some short information about Mt. Fuji.

  • It’s a must-see UNESCO Heritage Site.
  • Japan’s tallest mountain at 3,776 meters.
  • The most climbed mountain in the world with around 300,000 climbers a year.


  • From Tokyo/Narita or Haneda airport: JR Pass, express trains, and buses.
  • From Tokyo Station: About an hour on the bullet train.
  • By car: 2-2 1/2 hours on weekdays (can be longer on weekends and holidays).


Climbing Mt. Fuji. Photo by Ryan on Unsplash

If you have some plans to climb Mt. Fuji in the future, here are some really important tips to keep you aware and prepare for your climb. When we went to visit Mt. Fuji, it was late November and therefore not an ideal season to climb. The best climbing season is from early July to early September. This is the ONLY climbing season. Climbing Mt. Fuji is prohibited in other periods.

  1. Be on the top for the sunrise.
  2. Pick a weekday for your climb.
  3. Get good hiking shoes and waterproof clothes.
  4. Bring warm clothes for the wait at the top.
  5. Hydrate and eat healthy.
  6. Be mindful of the weather.
  7. Enjoy your climb and make the best memories.

I hope this travel blog keeps you interested in visiting Mt. Fuji in the future.






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