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April has been a wonderful month with different flowers all over Japan. Before we move on to the next month, let's look back at one of the most important events happening in April and that was Earth Day. This day includes a wide range of activities worldwide to create awareness about environmental protection. Issues include reducing carbon footprint, tree planting, recycling, and other relevant activities. You don't need to have a higher educational background to do your part in conserving our planet. A little bit of lifestyle change in our daily lives can help save Mother Earth. To give you some ideas, read on and I'm sure you will enjoy doing these activities for the sake of the next generation.…


As I opened my Chrome browser the other day, I came to realize that it was Earth Day. I may be late for writing a blog post about this special day, but for me, it is the most relevant and timeless topic to talk about. We as inhabitants of this planet might be different in some aspects of life such as ethnicity, race, culture, social-economic status, and religion but we have something in common as Earthlings. We are all interconnected no matter the geographic location we are living in. To preserve this planet is not only a one-day awareness and celebration. For me, we should change our lifestyle to preserve Mother Earth. And live sustainably for the years to come.…

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