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11 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday


April has been a wonderful month with different flowers all over Japan. Before we move on to the next month, let’s look back at one of the most important events happening in April and that was Earth Day. This day includes a wide range of activities worldwide to create awareness about environmental protection. Issues include reducing carbon footprint, tree planting, recycling, and other relevant activities.

You don’t need to have a higher educational background to do your part in conserving our planet. A little bit of lifestyle change in our daily lives can help save Mother Earth. To give you some ideas, read on and I’m sure you will enjoy doing these activities for the sake of the next generation.

Practice the 3R’s

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By thinking of ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle, we can lessen the trash that mostly ends up in the oceans. Think before purchasing an item, reuse it if possible, and recycle it if you can. Asking questions like “Why do I buy this?”, “Is it really necessary?” or “Can I use it longer for many years?” will help you think twice before buying an item.

Conserve energy

Turning the lights and electricity off when not in use create a huge difference not just in our utility bills but for our planet as well by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce paper waste

Save trees and prevent wastage by paying bills online. Paperless billing prevents clutter from piling up in your homes making it an environment-friendly option.

Give your car a break

Plan to go on a car-free day by walking, riding a bike, or taking public transportation. This will make a difference by reducing harmful carbon emissions and is a good way to get more exercise.

Use eco bags

Eco bags are reusable bags made of cloth or previously used plastic bags when buying groceries and other items. Did you know that plastic bags are disposed of frequently and end up in landfills for hundreds of years? They also end up in the vast oceans killing sea creatures. By doing this tiny act, it could make a big difference in our environment.

Buy Local

Buying local produce reduces shipping distances from food sourced overseas and one example of this is buying at the local farmer’s market. You can support local businesses as well, and the same goes when you buy clothing, furniture, and handicrafts.

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Plant something

Tree planting makes a huge impact because trees help save energy, prevent erosion, clean pollution, and provide homes a cozy atmosphere during the hot summer months. Aside from trees, you can grow your own produce and you get your own healthy dose of vegetables.

Get outdoors for nature walks

Enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate nature by going on a nature walk. The local public park is mostly free and accessible to everyone. Plan a picnic and go birdwatching. You can also have a beach day with families and friends or simply enjoy the sunset with a glass of cocktails!

Buy second-hand, sell, or donate items

Do you have a problem with a cluttered closet? You can declutter it and sell or donate items that can still be useful to other people.

If you are fed up with your style, you can upcycle clothes as well. If you plan to buy new clothes, consider buying second-hand, the fabrics are usually of higher quality and avoid the fast-fashion trap.

Use a refillable water bottle

A refillable stainless-steel water bottle is a great option than using a one-time plastic bottle. It saves you money and protects your health from harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles.

Social media awareness

Influence your followers by creating environmental-friendly content. A post, story, or reel about climate change and other relevant issues can create a positive impact on social media users.

Earth Day is not just a one-day celebration. We should celebrate it every day for the sake of future generations.

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