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Hello, my dear readers! This is my first post this year 2023 and I was a little bit absent from blogging for a few weeks. I took time off online and just enjoy the moment around family and friends and just traveled nearby to explore some hidden gems in town. Most people would love to have their New Year's resolutions but I don't believe in those things,  but rather have an affirmation to myself of what I would love to do this year. I make a list of my goals this year (simplified and realistic goals) and I will check it off once I accomplished them. Do you do the same method of goal-setting as me? I would like to…


Recently, the news is filled with not-so-good information. One of them is the rapid increase of daily commodities and goods worldwide. Although this is not a new problem, it hits vulnerable populations in low-income countries. Here in Japan, food and fuel prices increased and most people thought about how to live frugally, making ends meet during these hard times. It is the only way to survive after the pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Photo by Konstantin Evdokimov on Unsplash We are all forced to live with less because of the economic crisis that threatened our livelihood. Some people thought how hard it is to adjust but learning the art of living frugally will make things easier. 1. Learn to…

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