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Earlier in my food blog post, I was writing all about Japanese green tea. And do you know that you can make delicious dessert recipes aside from drinking green tea? Sure, it is a great ingredient for baking! I love the green hue of matcha in cakes and ice-creams, giving those desserts a yummy look. And not only the visual presentation but matcha balances the sweetness of cakes and pastries giving an exotic Asian flavor. For those living outside Japan and not really familiar with matcha, it can be intimidating to try matcha foods at first. People may think it taste bitter or strange but actually, people all over the world are loving this superfood not only for their nutritious…


Japan is world-famous for its green tea production. No doubt they make the best green tea in the world because it is cultivated carefully from the best regions in Japan. Aside from this healthy beverage, do you know that green tea is also used in cooking, making desserts, and skincare products? Let me share with you things and facts about green tea. WHAT IS GREEN TEA? Green tea's scientific name is Camellia sinensis. All the tea products that we consume are all from the same plant. There are 4 types of green tea Sencha- is a type of Japanese ryokucha which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water. Gyokuro-  is a type of shaded green…

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