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Earlier in my food blog post, I was writing all about Japanese green tea. And do you know that you can make delicious dessert recipes aside from drinking green tea? Sure, it is a great ingredient for baking! I love the green hue of matcha in cakes and ice-creams, giving those desserts a yummy look. And not only the visual presentation but matcha balances the sweetness of cakes and pastries giving an exotic Asian flavor. For those living outside Japan and not really familiar with matcha, it can be intimidating to try matcha foods at first. People may think it taste bitter or strange but actually, people all over the world are loving this superfood not only for their nutritious…


Did you know that curry is not just popular in India and other South Asian countries? It is also popular in Japan. It is fast and cheap and mostly enjoyed by most people young and old. You can find this delicious staple in supermarket bento corners, convenience stores, curry shops, road stations (michi no eki), and family restaurants. It is also popular as a home-cooked meal. DIFFERENT THAN INDIAN CURRY In fact, the Japanese version is sweeter and the consistency of the sauce is thicker compared to its Indian counterpart. The base of most home-cooked curry is a roux and not curry powder which can be purchased at supermarkets. This recipe version from the book of Sarah Marx Feldner "A…

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