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Recently, I had the chance to visit the newly-opened shopping complex near Utsunomiya Station in Tochigi, Japan: Utsunomiya Terrace. As the name suggests, you might imagine being on the terrace of your home or resort. But the establishment resembles a resort/apartment type architecture where one can enjoy spending outdoors at the roof deck garden or terrace. The outdoor space brings an overall appeal to the building which is different from other shopping malls. It is also a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the nearby buildings or simply sunbathe during the cold winter months. Curious about what's inside Utsunomiya Terrace? Let's find out in my tour. Shops and stores Utsunomiya Terrace officially opened last August 2022 with some shops…


During the summer of 2021, my family decided to visit Nikko City in Japan for the second time. Our usual travel plans overseas are once again put on hold because of the pandemic. And as we are choosing which place to go which are not crowded, we consider the summer's humidity as well. That's why we choose Japan's top tourist destination Nikko City once again for its mild summers and picturesque surroundings. LAKE CHUZENJI Our trip to Nikko is not complete without visiting the city's magnificent lakes located in Okunikko--the center of Nikko National Park. The most popular is Lake Chuzenji which is located at an altitude of 1,269 meters. It was formed during the eruption of Mt.Nantai about 20,000years…

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