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Utsunomiya Terrace: Discover a world of comfort during your travels.


Recently, I had the chance to visit the newly-opened shopping complex near Utsunomiya Station in Tochigi, Japan: Utsunomiya Terrace. As the name suggests, you might imagine being on the terrace of your home or resort. But the establishment resembles a resort/apartment type architecture where one can enjoy spending outdoors at the roof deck garden or terrace. The outdoor space brings an overall appeal to the building which is different from other shopping malls. It is also a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the nearby buildings or simply sunbathe during the cold winter months. Curious about what’s inside Utsunomiya Terrace? Let’s find out in my tour.

Roof garden at Utsunomiya Terrace.

Nearby hotels view from the roof deck.

Shops and stores

Fluffy pancake at Bari Sheep cafe and bar.

Bread selection at Bari Sheep cafe.

Utsunomiya Terrace officially opened last August 2022 with some shops opened to cater to the needs of travelers and shoppers. Although not completely finished yet, it looks modern and minimalist. Most shops are local and chain businesses. Shopping is not complete without restaurants and I visited a chic cafe called Bari Sheep where they offered pasta meals, bread, and burger patty set. There’s also Nene’s Chicken nearby, a Korean street food corner where they sell delicious chicken and the popular 10yen Korean bread.

The dining area of Nene’s Chicken.

Artificial food display at Nasu Jersey Mariage.

Lovely cakes at Nasu Jersey Mariage.

Inside the mall, I also visited a confectionery shop called Nasu Jersey Mariage where they sell raspberry-flavored biscuits and I was greeted by an English-speaking Japanese staff! That was so nice of her and I was amazed at her customer service skills that I bought a box of biscuits at 820 yen. It is worth the price as well.

Fruit-inspired chandelier led me to this beautiful cosmetics shop.

As a woman, I love to visit cosmetics stores and I was attracted to this beautiful fruit-designed chandelier at the shop. As I entered, I was amazed at the smell and sights of Dior cosmetics! All of the world’s popular cosmetics brand is housed in this amazing little shop called Fruit Gathering where they have also branches at popular malls all over Japan.

Love these beauty products from Dior.

In addition to those stores mentioned, there’s also Daiso 100 yen shop, spas, electronics, and cafes like Island Stone coffee roasters.


Enjoying the sunlight and urban scenery!

If you happen to travel and stay in Utsunomiya, this shopping complex is also in close proximity to big hotels. Whether you’re a traveler or simply just looking for a place to spend your free time, Utsunomiya Terrace is a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor recreation.

Check out my video of Utsunomiya Terrace and Station.


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