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Today, I'm going to introduce to my readers some places that are underrated but worth visiting. So I started the off-the-beaten-path series to share with you what it's like to travel cheaply without breaking your wallet and avoid tourist traps. My family loves to explore hidden gems in Japan. While it's definitely cheaper and free to visit, these places are tucked away from the crowd and commercial tourism. The loosening of travel restrictions in Japan after two years is good news for the overall economy of Japan, however, let us still consider that Covid- 19 still exists and that we should always abide by precautionary measures. Expressways and national highways are filled with vehicles stuck in traffic and I could…


Mt. Amamaki in Mashiko town If you want to experience nature outside the bustling city of Tokyo, there are nearby towns which are accessible by car or train around 2 hours or more. One of the towns I recommend is Mashiko where I live. It is a sleepy town famous for its ceramic potteries and fashionable cafes and not only that, you can explore nature by hiking the mountains and hills nearby. One of those attractions is Mt. Amamaki, with an altitude of 533 meters above the sea. It is a moderate hiking trail patronized by both professional and beginner hikers. Acsending and exploring around There are a lot of options to climb and for beginners, I suggest to follow…

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