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Hiking trails outside Tokyo


Mt. Amamaki in Mashiko town

If you want to experience nature outside the bustling city of Tokyo, there are nearby towns which are accessible by car or train around 2 hours or more. One of the towns I recommend is Mashiko where I live. It is a sleepy town famous for its ceramic potteries and fashionable cafes and not only that, you can explore nature by hiking the mountains and hills nearby. One of those attractions is Mt. Amamaki, with an altitude of 533 meters above the sea. It is a moderate hiking trail patronized by both professional and beginner hikers.

Acsending and exploring around

There are a lot of options to climb and for beginners, I suggest to follow the most easy way by referring to the signboards and steps mostly the locals make ladders for easy climbing. It is good to wear hiking shoes for safety. Along the way, you can see a lot of floral species, streams and different kinds of trees. The different variety of flowers bloom according to season but I recommend climbing this mountain during cooler seasons such as autumn, winter and spring. I am not sure in summer but I think there will be mosquitoes and other insects and someone should bring insect repellents for safety.

View from the top

The view from the top is breathtaking and it`s overlooking some surrounding mountains and the town of Mashiko. There are tables and benches for hikers and it is a good place for lunch, picnics and just drinking coffee. There is a small mailbox where you can find the map of Mt. Amamaki and a thermometer. During winters, the temperature at the top is subzero.


This mountain is recommended for people of all ages, children, adults and old persons. This is surely a great and affordable way to enjoy outdoors. To access this place, it is best to rent a car because it is somewhat remote if you use public transport. Nevertheless, it is worth your time and money coming to this place for relaxation and recharging your mental energy away from the noise of the city.

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