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We Started a Beehive in our Garden. Here’s What You Need to Know


Just this year, me and my husband were thinking of another side hustle. It doesn’t need to be urgent but something long-term and enjoyable. And he thinks about selling honey. It may sound profitable and easy but you need to have basic knowledge in beekeeping. And we started from scratch by studying from the very beginning.

Beekeeping equipment

Brood box.

Smokers. Photo by Brad Weaver on Unsplash

We purchased the essential equipment online and from a garden shop. These tools are new to avoid problems in the future. Equipment includes brood box, hive parts, smoker, and hive tool. And lastly, we purchased a beekeeping suit and gloves to protect us from the bee stings.

Where we get the bees

Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

We contact the local bee supplier from the nearby town and gave us about 10,000 bees transported in a wooden box with a mesh screen. Since we have three brood boxes at the moment, we order another 20,000 bees from an online supplier.

Looking for a place to set up the beehives

Photo by Bee Naturalles on Unsplash

Luckily, we have a friend who owns a vacant agricultural land so we put up two bee hives in that area. It is surrounded by tall trees where the bees can get honey from the nearby flowers. So we decided to put up two beehives and one in our garden.

Placing the bees in the brood box

We remove a few frames from the box and smoke the bees or spray them with sugar water to calm them into their transition. A few firm shakes of the brood box help the bees make their way into their new home.

Replacing the frames

We started putting the frames back into the brood box after the bees have been placed. We made sure to put them slowly and avoid hurting any of the bees and carefully place the last frame into the box.

Placing the queen

We placed a marshmallow at the plug in one end of the queen’s cage to ensure the worker bees will eat the treat and learn to accept the queen bee before we released her. We hung the cage between two frames in the middle of the wooden box.

Feeding the bees

We feed the bees with a sugar-water solution which is essential for them while they set up a house. We put up a piece of specialized equipment for the bees to have access to the liquid from an inverted plastic bottle.

Finishing the assembly

Finally, we place a mini shelter on the hive to protect the bees during the rainy season. Once the hive is set in place, it is time to leave the bees on their own for three to five days. Then we return to make sure the queen has been released.

Beekeeping is a great profession and hobby that requires dedication and determination. Most beekeepers are successful and grow their businesses at the right time. Hoping we could become successful in the years to come.




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