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Winter Illuminations at Grimm no Mori Park


Every winter in Japan, the country’s parks and commercial centers comes alive with spectacular lights and illuminations to brighten the season’s long chilly nights. Most of these spots have Christmas themes and decorations while some just display floral or fairy tale themes. One of my favorite spots near my town is Grimm no Mori.

Christmas tree at the entrance.

Fairy Tale Theme Illumination

I wrote a previous blog about Grimm no Mori which you can find here. This park was built as a dedication to the Grimm brothers who wrote world-famous fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel. The sprawling park turns into a fantasy on a winter night. Elaborate Christmas lights are adorned at every corner of each garden, making it one of the most-visited parks during winter. Entrance fees are free but lately, due to the pandemic, the park’s management collects donations in exchange for a postcard. Be sure to bring any cash and of course, it is solely up to you to donate.

The entrance of the park is adorned with a giant conical structure that resembles a Christmas tree. The shrubs and walking paths leading to a small pond are illuminated with flower-shaped lights that glow in the dark. On the banks of the pond stood a palace billboard structure fully illuminated with bright lights.

You can also view Sleeping beauty and the prince billboard while Hansel and Gretel’s cookie-inspired loghouse lets you experience the warmth of the artificial fireplace inside.

Other Facilities in the Park

In addition to the vast gardens, you can also check out the golden goose fountain in which the water flows down to a mini creek. Visitors can also enjoy the seven dwarfs plaza and the market plaza where you can buy hot meals and toys during Christmas. The main building called Grimm no Kan building is inspired by the Rottingen government building which houses different events. Aside from holding events, it is also a museum and a mini cafe is available.


We decided to visit this park because of the free entrance and spacious fairy-tale-themed gardens. I also love the rural German village setting of the park that gives me European vibes during Christmas. It’s absolutely a hidden gem in Tochigi that is worth a visit!

Featured image credit by: Mark Rabe on Unsplash



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