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9 Amazing Things To Do in Japan this Spring


Japan is one of the countries in the world that has four definite seasons. And because of it, there are lots of activities to do anywhere in the country. It’s the perfect time to explore the outdoors and if this is your first time in Japan, read more on how to enjoy this beautiful season.


Japan is undeniably beautiful throughout this floral season as the country gears up for the cherry blossom season. Hanami means flower viewing and there are lots of activities associated with it. The most popular activity is throwing a picnic underneath the sakura tree with family and friends. You can make lunchbox meals (obento) according to your liking and bring along your favorite drinks and wagashi desserts!

Most public parks in Japan are free such as Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. However, they are overcrowded at this time of the year because of their popularity. If you want a more quiet and relaxed place to do hanami, you can head over to the outskirts of the city or rural area public parks.


Soak in the great outdoors as the climate is just right for this activity. You can either put up a tent or rent a camper van. Both are very good options to sleep under the stars, or if you want some high level of comfort, you can try glamping. Glamping has gained popularity these days and is ideal for those who want to camp with a bit of luxury.

The most popular camping site is near Mt. Fuji where campers catch a glimpse of “Diamond Fuji”, the time when the sun rises on top of the mountain creating a shining diamond effect.

Trying on sakura-themed foods and drinks

f you’re a foodie, there are a lot of sakura-themed foods to try when you’re in Japan. You can mostly buy them in supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty shops, and franchise stores like Mr.Donuts and Starbucks.

I highly recommend sakura mochi, a pink-colored rice cake filled with red bean paste and wrapped in a pickled sakura leaf. This is a traditional Japanese wagashi during spring which is worth tasting.

If you want another sakura-inspired treat with a Western twist, visit Starbucks and try their limited edition sakura-flavored donut and latte. It tastes really good and is visually appealing as well.



Photo by Sunil Naik on Unsplash

A great way to explore Japan is through cycling. At this time of the year, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like sightseeing and cycling.

The best places to cycle in Japan are Nagano’s Japan Alps and Sugura Bay and the Izu Peninsula in Shizouka. These routes provide a scenic view of Mt. Fuji especially when you cycle during the months of April to June. If these places seem too far for you, you can always cycle to the nearest countryside.


Another fun activity to do in spring is strawberry picking. Strawberry tastes best when it’s picked directly from the farm. Tochigi prefecture is the top producer of strawberries in the country. With a wide variety of strawberries created, you can taste the unique flavor of each one. It’s truly one of the best activities to experience this time of the year.

TAKENOKOHORI (Bamboo shoot digging)

Did you know that takenoko (bamboo shoots) are a springtime staple in Japan? You can learn more about it by joining a bamboo shoot digging tour. Ideal for the whole family and friends, this activity lets you dig bamboo shoots and pre-cooked them. While activities vary from every place, some takenokohori events hold a festival with games and performances. If you love nature and farming, bamboo shoots digging is a rewarding activity for you.

View Other Flowers

While sakura (cherry blossoms) is the most popular flower in Japan, there are other flowers that are worth our attention. Tulips and shibazakura are among those several flowers that bloom in spring and they are both gorgeous and appealing to the eyes!
To get a full view of these flowers, visit Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki and Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi. Both parks are great places to visit and are among the most popular tourist spots in Japan. They have a huge variety of flowers that bloom whole year long, not just in spring.
For an off-the-beat location, you can check out the shibazakura park in Ichikai, Tochigi, and marvel at the pink and white carpet spreading across the spacious land!

Visit Green Tea Fields

Love to drink green tea? You should visit a green tea plantation during spring. The most popular green tea fields are located in Shizouka prefecture near the iconic Mt.Fuji. The views are amazing and ideal for photo spots. Plus, you have the chance to learn more about green tea and how it is produced.

Steam locomotive ride

Photo Courtesy: Hetarllen Mumriken on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/90380936@N02/

Experience the past by riding a vintage steam locomotive. It is a rare vehicle nowadays so grab the opportunity, especially during the spring season.
The Moka steam locomotive owned by Moka Railway in Moka, Tochigi takes passengers to the countryside, running past cherry blossom trees and rapeseed flowers. The contrast between these two flowers is breathtaking and it’s a favorite photo spot for most people.


Wherever you are in Japan, there are tons of activities to enjoy in spring. Make great memories before summer comes!

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