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Japan’s Unique Chocolate Flavors


Valentine’s Day is officially here and what a better day to explore different kinds of chocolates among Japanese supermarket shelves!. Chocolates are loved by people all over the world regardless of their customized flavors.

Chocolate originated from Europe but was said to be introduced to Japan in 1797. After a few years in the 1920s, chocolate factories open up and became easily available to everyone.

Nowadays, chocolates evolved into more flavorful bars added with caramel, nuts, almond, milk, green tea, or even alcohol! They are commonly enjoyed by both children and even adults just like anywhere else in the world.

What makes Japanese Chocolate unique?

Nama Chocolate. Image by Boderat Kuratchatchaval from Pixabay

Like in other countries, Japanese chocolates have added distinctive flavors to the plain chocolate milk bar. These evolve into a mixture of chocolate and another flavor, mostly fruits and green tea. Chocolate companies like Lotte and Meiji have added wine, fruits, and nuts to their chocolate bars making it an exciting treat for adults. Nestle KitKat has done its part as well, customizing its chocolate wafer bars into more fun, delicious treats. This marketing strategy works really well as more people are buying their products especially when the season changes.

Different types of chocolate bars

Nestle KitKat Matcha flavor


Truly a must-try chocolate treat for matcha lovers! Instead of plain milk chocolate covered on the wafer, it’s matcha this time with a twist of chocolate flavor. Not too sweet and not too bitter, just a perfect balance of both flavors!

Lotte Ghana Pink Chocolate

Ghana is Japan’s popular supermarket chocolate bar! But instead of brown chocolate, it’s pink chocolate with an added Strawberry flavor. They are mostly sold during Valentine’s Day. Other flavors of this chocolate brand include black chocolate and milk chocolate.

Glico Almond Peak

Delicious bite-sized chocolate bars with almond inside of it! Enjoy this creamy and crunchy texture and a perfect remedy for unexpected hunger!

Meiji Melty Kiss First flush green tea

Popular bite-sized chocolates during the winter season, Melty Kiss melts in your mouth as soon as you eat them leaving a creamy texture with a twist of matcha.

Meiji Chocolate Cacao 86%

Who wants bitter chocolate? This healthy chocolate snack has 86% bitter cacao and is known to have anti-aging properties! This chocolate line-up also has other products that have 72% and 95% of cacao content as well.

Fujiya Koshu Fuefuki Wine Chocolate

Who wants to have adult chocolates? This chocolate bar has 2.7% alcohol content that makes you a bit tipsy at first, but in the end, the creamy chocolate makes you crave more. Give it a try and you know why.

Whenever you come to Japan, these chocolates are highly recommended as a souvenir for your loved ones back home. They are unique and added more excitement to the plain chocolate bar. And what’s more exciting is that they are super affordable that you can buy them in bulk.

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