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FOODS and DIET The foods we eat and dietary choices are important factors in promoting health, preventing sickness, and delaying aging. Especially in modern times where most people work in the company with long hours and little time to prepare food and spending quality time with oneself and with the family. Thus many turn to instant and high processed foods for convenience and these foods lack nutrition and are filled with preservatives that damage the body's natural defenses against sickness. There is also a trend in the Western diet and fast food which looks visually appealing and enhances one's appetite. This trend slowly replaces traditional cuisines which is alarming and even the younger generation is not aware of this. And…


Canigao Island, Eastern Visayas, Philippines One of the most exciting experiences in traveling is going to unfamiliar places that are not crowded with tourists and commercial tourism.  Visiting this beautiful Canigao Island in Leyte is highly recommended where we just learned from the locals on how to go and what to do there. This island is unheard of mainstream tourists who prefers luxury vacation. If you prefer to wander and get lost, this island destination is the place to be. Heading to the island and things to do Canigao is a small island with white sand beaches accessed by boat about 20 minutes from Hindang town. This is a local attraction and tourists are limited in numbers to prevent this…

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