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The foods we eat and dietary choices are important factors in promoting health, preventing sickness, and delaying aging. Especially in modern times where most people work in the company with long hours and little time to prepare food and spending quality time with oneself and with the family. Thus many turn to instant and high processed foods for convenience and these foods lack nutrition and are filled with preservatives that damage the body’s natural defenses against sickness. There is also a trend in the Western diet and fast food which looks visually appealing and enhances one’s appetite. This trend slowly replaces traditional cuisines which is alarming and even the younger generation is not aware of this. And because of this, younger people tend to get sick and experience major diseases than the generations before them.

As a housewife, I spend most of my time cooking balanced meals for the whole family. An important part of our family’s diet includes vegetable soup, pickled onions, black garlic, and homemade yogurt. These foods are side dishes to add nutrition to the main dishes and these cannot be easily found in the supermarket or convenience store. You can find powder versions of the soup but as a consumer, we all know that the company puts chemicals and preservatives on that product to lengthen the shelf life. A little sacrifice of cooking for the family pays off when most of them are healthy and don’t have absences in school and work especially when there are seasonal changes. It is indeed more powerful than capsule supplements.


Springtime is busy preparing for gardening. We plant summer vegetables not just to save money but eating vegetables straight from the garden is healthy. One advantage about myself is that I don’t work full-time in the company and I have lots of time for cooking and preparation. Some people might think I am not productive to the workforce and society but people tend to ignore this slow lifestyle. Having done these practices for several years saves off money going to the doctor and influenza vaccines.

Most vegetables we grow in the garden are tomatoes, eggplants, bitter gourd, edible leaves such as nira and pumpkins. They can be cooked as a tomato sauce for spaghetti, eggplant stew and omelet, and pumpkin tempura. Edible leaves can be a good ingredient and additive for miso soup. It saves a lot when we grow food in the garden. There are also reliable sources on the internet for information about urban gardening when you live in the city without any space for growing vegetables.


This is not easy to do as I myself have a sweet tooth and cravings for cakes, pastries, and desserts. They are everywhere especially in social media and you cannot avoid tapping that LIKE button. So as much as possible especially when you’re at home, eat fruits as desserts. Whole foods are great but you can arrange it by making a yogurt parfait with strawberry toppings, or sliced bananas topped with honey. Natural foods affect our moods as well. It can make us more relaxed throughout the day.


A lifestyle filled with movement prevents you from getting sick and it makes you fitter and younger. As much as possible walk or cycle if you live in a city or if everything is near you. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. And make exercise a priority even in busy times in order to prevent obesity and diabetes. It also prevents you from feeling depressed. I am also lucky to live in the countryside of Japan where I can exercise free of cost and enjoy the outdoors.

Sleep is very important too to have glowing skin. Adequate sleep improves skin texture which is better than any other youth serums and anti-aging creams. I aim for 7-8 hours of sleep to recharge my energy for the next day. You can’t easily catch colds or flu as well if you have adequate sleep. Make sure to turn off your phone screens or gadgets to have a smooth, good night’s sleep.


Last but not the least, is I practice this Japanese ofuro or hot bath before going to sleep. Believe me, there are tremendous changes in my skin when I do this for the past 12 years in Japan. Immersing my body in hot water calms me mentally and physically and my skin became smooth and translucent where no amount of lotion can replace. A good additive to a hot bath is lemon or orange peels where it moisturizes the skin naturally and makes you more relaxed with the aroma. And it is a cheap luxury which is better than going to a spa.

Those are my tips for beauty and health although I’m not a doctor, I practice these things for 12 years in Japan and I rarely got sick and as my friends and acquaintances said, I don’t look like my age.




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