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Canigao Island, Eastern Visayas, Philippines

Pristine beaches of Canigao Island from the distance.

One of the most exciting experiences in traveling is going to unfamiliar places that are not crowded with tourists and commercial tourism.  Visiting this beautiful Canigao Island in Leyte is highly recommended where we just learned from the locals on how to go and what to do there. This island is unheard of mainstream tourists who prefers luxury vacation. If you prefer to wander and get lost, this island destination is the place to be.

Heading to the island and things to do

Arriving at the island.

Canigao is a small island with white sand beaches accessed by boat about 20 minutes from Hindang town. This is a local attraction and tourists are limited in numbers to prevent this beautiful island from getting trashed and polluted. Preservation on this island is taken seriously by the local government. One can enjoy it by having a picnic in its cottages or you can bring your own tent. Be mindful that most beaches in the Philippines don’t have access to clean drinking water. Bring along bottled waters but be mindful of the trash and never ever leave it behind. You can bring your own food but I recommend tasting the local cuisine that consists of grilled fresh fish, shells, and the local noodle dish pancit canton. The locals served this food and it is affordable as well.

Unforgettable tropical experience

Frolicking in Canigao Island

You can do everything on this island all you want as long as it’s environmentally friendly. Walking, exploring, swimming, snorkeling, taking pictures, napping, and food trip or anything that makes your visit unforgettable. You can stay overnight as well and the island has some accommodations that are suited to your group or budget. Take note that this is not a luxurious resort so expect some unfamiliar experience when it comes to staying overnight. You can bring your tent, sleep in the cottage or rent a treehouse. Truly that will be a wonderful night experience sleeping under the stars.

Comfort level and environmental awareness

You cannot expect 100% comfort when visiting this island. One thing is to suggest the local tourism to make the toilet more bearable for people especially foreigners. It is so basic that inside the toilet is poorly lit but it is enough for some people. However, there is running water in the faucet and a bucket for flushing the toilet. There is always running water for showering and after swimming in the sea. There is no toilet paper as well. Talking about the trash, the locals told us to bring it with us when we go home and don’t leave it on the islands. Responsible tourism is highly encouraged here.

Conclusion and overall experience

My family’s overall experience was great. It was a refreshing break from the daily rush in our hectic lives. It may not be that luxurious and popular but the island reminds me about slow living, having to pause from our hectic lives, and living in the present. Just paying attention to its surroundings can refresh our minds. Remember, it is best to digitally detox here, not using screens and gadgets and social media. And after visiting this place, I feel recharged and energized and back to normal routine once again.

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