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How I Started My Capsule Wardrobe


During the past five years pre-pandemic, there was a trend in minimalism and simple living. The idea of following this philosophy is to achieve a work-life balance, sustainability, frugality, and financial freedom. I am following minimalism right now and still sticking to this habit in the years to come. I’ve seen the benefits of minimalism, mentally and physically. I’ve never felt so much free and calm compared to before I knew about this movement.

Reorganizing my clothes and closet

The first step is to take off all your clothes and sort them out. Photo credit by Sarah Brown on Unsplash. Image for representation only.

To start practicing minimalism, I started the area in my closet because that was the most cluttered part of the house that affects my mind. I took off all my clothes including those ill-fitted and not worn for many years. At first, it’s really hard to let go of those things which for me have sentimental value and are bought with my hard-earned money. I give myself time to analyze if I let it go or just sit there folded, collecting dust. I give it two more years before finally bringing it out to the recycling. No hurt feelings and I finally congratulate myself for letting go of things that don’t serve me anymore. 

Keep what you need and what makes you happy. Photo by Moses Janga on Unsplash

Progress and improvements follow and the more I felt free and mentally light for not allowing myself to be chained to things and pieces of stuff. Most of my clothes went donated or recycled. I feel that I am helping others and our planet as well.

Studying my personal style

Most of my style is neutral. Photo by Dane Moukao on Unsplash

Finally created my wardrobe capsule after spending much time researching online. I came to realize that in order to create our wardrobe, I should live in the present moment. What is my lifestyle? Do I need party clothes and high heels? Do I need to have office suits? These are the questions that each one of us asks ourselves in order to know our personal style and eliminate waste and excessive clothing.

Because I am a work-at-home mom, I don’t need office suits. I wear mostly jeans and casuals for errands or weekend outings. So I created a stay-at-home Mom’s wardrobe with mostly neutral colors for easy styling and a few patterns and prints. I also prefer the minimalist French style that never goes out of style and will last for years to come. It’s great to invest in high-quality basic pieces!

Entrance ceremony and graduation suit for mothers in Japan. It is a great investment if you have school-aged children.

I do keep a ceremony suit for mothers here in Japan, I think it’s an essential piece of clothing if you raise your school-age children here in Japan. They wore it at school entrance ceremonies and graduations and a great investment as well.

Maintaining your capsule wardrobe

Photo by Nadin Mario on Unsplash.

Minimalism is a habit to practice regularly and it’s not a destination. You will make mistakes along the way and it’s completely fine as long as you learn from it. There is nothing more freeing than to keep only what you need and the things that spark joy. If people will practice minimalism, and simple living, our planet will heal too. We will avoid so much garbage and waste that’s poisoning our seas and contributing to global warming.

Featured photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash.

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