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Decluttering and downsizing are gaining popularity these days because of the pandemic and lockdown. Sure, the pandemic gives everyone anxiety and uncertainty of the future because of the shift of daily routines and worst of all getting laid-off from the company they’re working for. A minimalist lifestyle is a huge help to everyone because it teaches people to be essentialist and more focused on what’s important in life. It serves as a stress relief from all the excesses and distractions from modern life. People shift their attention to simple things and happiness during lockdowns.


The first step of minimalism is getting rid of the things you don’t really need. Look around every room and every corner of your house. I’ll bet there are numerous items right there in the room that you don’t need. Items that don’t enhance your life or happiness and just collecting dust serve as distractions that will increase your stress levels. Getting rid of the items you don’t use or need may be stressful at first. You will find yourself stressing out and wondering if you are going to regret getting rid of these worldly belongings. This is because you’ve been told by society to believe that your worldly possessions define your value as a human being. Getting rid of these possessions is part of the healing process.

Be sure to segregate unwanted things according to the type of materials they are made. For example, separate wooden items from vinyl, paper, and fabric items. Dispose of responsibly in the recycle center in your town or city. As you clear the clutter around you, you will find yourself feeling liberated and refreshed. All you need to be happy are some basic and essential items, a simple, timeless wardrobe, and a few personal items that spark joy.


As soon as your surroundings become clearer from excess stuff, you began to have more time doing your hobbies and connecting with people. You will need less money because you’ll only need cash for life’s essentials and emergencies. By eliminating life’s excesses, you clear up spaces for the more important things; things that bring you joy and purpose instead of stress. Being a minimalist is not having 10 possessions as it doesn’t require a number of how much you own. Each person has different situations and circumstances so keeping up a few essential items that will enhance your living is enough.

Minimalism is a process and not a destination. Our lifestyle may change from time to time just like what’s happening around the world now so we better change our mindset with simplicity and embrace gratitude.

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