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OFF THE BEATEN PATH SERIES: Fishing in Okawado Fishing Site, Mashiko, Tochigi


Have you ever tried your hand at fishing? It must be so fun. But if you haven’t tried it before, it’s time to give it a try.

Fishing is a fun activity for the whole family, especially for children.

Okawado Fishing Pond

We discovered a fishing site deep in the countryside of Tochigi, Japan. Located at the foot of Mt. Amamaki, this beautiful place is popular among families with young children especially during summer when the leaves are green or turning red during autumn. At the entrance, you will be asked how many people are joining for fishing. Then the receptionist hands you a bamboo fishing rod and a small plate of feed for the rainbow trout (nijimasu) that cost 100yen per person.

Catching a rainbow trout (nijimasu)


You can freely choose your favorite spot for fishing. Okawado is known for nijimasu, or rainbow trout in English. This freshwater fish is a species of salmonid native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia. It is also a popular trout for fishing activities for children in summer. You can catch as many rainbow trout as you can and payment depends on the weight of the fish per kilo.

Grilling and eating on the spot

There’s a dining room where people have the option to cook up and eat the trout shio-yaki style, A Japanese method of grilling salted food. You can also take home the salted fish and grill it on your own. The fish tastes so good because of its freshness and simple flavoring loved by the locals.

Our own experience

We frequently visit this place during summer and fall as our kids love to do fishing. It’s a great childhood activity to cherish when they’re adults and they will continue to love nature and appreciate the abundance of natural food from the rivers and seas. If you have children, let them experience this kind of activity and surely they will learn a lot from nature.

We want to share this experience with a fun video below.

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