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Wonders of garlic


There is a growing popularity among garlic and its benefits lately. Whether it’s eaten raw or cooked, it is believed to be a medicine that cures some diseases but should be eaten on a daily and regular basis. It is also more effective if you eat the whole garlic and not the capsule versions. As consumers, we don’t know what is added inside these supplements so it is always best to stick to naturally grown whole foods. Garlic intake has been here for decades and years but it is just known at present times that it can actually cut the risk of having major diseases. Not only garlic intake but this works best when you don’t engage in smoking and drinking alcohol and eating junk foods. Plus doing regular exercises and adequate sleep then it will do wonders for your body.


I am not a doctor but for the past three months, I experimented with consuming garlic whether it’s black or crushed. I consumed the garlic oil in the morning and about 4 pcs of black garlic gloves at lunchtime daily. When my period arrives on the first month of experimenting, I noticed a decrease in pre-menstrual pains and fatigue. I usually got weak on the few days prior to menstruation and accompanied by painful migraines. But during this period, I noticed lesser fatigue and mild migraines for 3-4 days which are all manageable. After menstruation, my body was back to normal functioning without the aid of food supplements and paracetamol which I usually take. I faithfully consumed garlic every day without skipping. When the second month of my garlic trial comes, my PMS symptoms occur one day before menstruation so it means to say these painful and weak days prior to menstruation decrease. Mild migraines occur within 2 days of my period. And after that, these “painful days” disappeared and I am more vigorous compared to those days when I only depended on “food supplements”. As of now, these are my observations and I conclude that garlic consumption works on me. Without skipping a day of intake, I guess in the future months to come I think having my period would be less burdensome for me than compared before. I will update this blog for more improvements in my health in the future.

UPDATE: At this time of writing, my period arrived and it was painless. I did not experience migraines and headaches although I felt sleepy on some parts of the day but it was natural for me. I did not feel any cramps as well so the garlic oil is indeed working on my body.

For beginners, garlic aftertaste may annoy some people because of its smell on the mouth but you will get used to its taste. After all, we long for good health because it is the real wealth for every human being.

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